We are a company specialized in the study and execution of projects of reforms, for individuals as well as for entrepreneurs of companies or companies already consolidated.

We accept all kinds of challenges with great enthusiasm, from a small reform, to integral projects of great importance, always putting the same interest, all our experience and capacity, in order to maintain the high degree of satisfaction of our clients, that always Has served as an endorsement and reference.


A whole team of professionals at your service..


Our company is formed by several Technical Architects with extensive experience in Work Management, Equipment Coordination and Technical Office.

We have a group of own agents, to which we add various external collaborators and subcontractors from different professional fields, from the construction sector, as well as engineering and architecture.




We offer a professional and transparent service, aimed at achieving the optimum result and, above all, the tranquility and confidence of our clients.

We give you control of your project from start to commissioning, as well as personalized and individual attention at all times.




 - Commercial architecture:

In order to make your business more profitable, we optimize the spaces, in order to make them more functional and comfortable for your customers, making each point of sale an attractive place, with comfortable accesses and routes adapted to your location.

With our experience, you will receive ideas and alternative solutions that have been proposed, all combined with a high level of design and originality.


 - Architecture of houses:

For the reform of your home our technical team will offer you solutions that will make your home, the home in which you have always wanted to live.

We design warm spaces and we propose the distribution most adapted to your needs, adapting to your taste, offering solutions and ideas that will not stop surprising you.


 - Work to measure:

For your complete peace of mind entrust the execution of your work in LUXURY HOUSE as a turnkey option, where you will not have to worry about anything other than leaving us a copy of the keys and picking them up on the agreed date.

We will demonstrate a high level of finishes and an excellent management of the processes of execution of the works that it orders us. The great experience of our technicians in the direction of works will allow you to sleep peacefully knowing that the agreement will be fulfilled to perfection both economically and at the level of quality.




To process the license appropriate to the action you want to perform, we advise you and if you want we can solve it through the integral project.

We take care of all the necessary paperwork so that your license goes in the right way and the processes are indicated for its fulfillment within the established deadlines.















We thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and offer you an attention personalized, close and direct attention.

We thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and offer you personalized, close and direct attention.

We will be happy to assist you and solve all your doubts, as well as show you how we can help you.