Cottage Farm and agricultural preserve hunting in Albacete-Murcia

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- facilities prepared for an equestrian school , farmhouse, game reserve, wine-growing, etc.

- It has 48.5 hectares of work,60 hectares of mountain,pine and acebuches,7.39 hectares of vineyards in a cinegetic zone located in the border of two communities(albacete-murcia) and large hunting ground abundant rabbits, partridge and wood pigeon of 513 hectares.

- The farm, dedicated to the breeding of horses of pure spanish breed and pios with 14 select of the best quality, incorporates constructions such a warehouse,stable of stallions,stalls, training track, mountaineer and shower for the horses.  

- It include a large work house restored for a rural house with an area of 350m2, fully furnished and a work house of 74m2.



-Warehouse and stable of stallions

 The farm  has a 500 squares meter warehouse divided into three parts:one part destined to warehouse of utensils and tools of work,another part to store of straw and feed that contains two silos with a capacity of 3000kg, each silo  and another part of stables of stallions.   This building is built with concrete blocks, smooth surfaceand plastered with a layerof cement and paint, thus allowing effective cleaning and desinfection.The ceiling is made of iron knives and galvanized veneer, protecting animals and store food from cold and heat. 


-Each block consist on 

-An automatic stainless trough with a capacity sufficient to satisfy the water needs of the animals minimun of 5.5 l/min

-A feeder with a capacity of sufficient to contain 7 kilos of cereal .



The farm has two tipes of walls ,an interior wall and 4 exterior walls. The interior wall communicates with the store of feed, has measured of 20x10 meters and the stalls is contructed with a wall of masonry of 1.5 meters of height in its inner part and fence  in its superior part. This stall has a horizontal lineal feed trough the wall of the same for the supply of feed and forage and two piles of water.

Also there are 4 bloks whose measures are 3.75x2.5meters. Each block has an automatic sprue and a manger Cada cuadra tiene un bebedero automático y un pesebre.

 The farm has 4 exterior stalls.The largest has a horizontal linear feeder in one of the walls for the feed and forage suply and four piles of water.

The other stalls have a meditation of 30x20 meters. All the stalls have a shed of metal structure with measures of 4x4 meters.



-Training track

It is a quadrangular structure with measures of 32x17 meters.



-Dress for horses;

In this zone there is a foal of metal support with a snare or chain with a carabiner anchored to the wall to hold the horse.


-Guadanés o monturero.

In the farm there is a room for 10 square meters where they accommodate all work implements such as doorknobs, mounts, gear, and toilet utensils such as hoses, shampoos, brushes.




-  The farm incorporates seven shares  of the well of the irrigators community "casa las molinas" and "casa chaparrota"(the well is composed of 150 shares)

- Wine crops of the best quality like cencibel, tempranillo, cabernet, syrah. With possibility of making wine cellar.

- Reservoir of 5.500 cubic meters.

- House irrigation head with filters and impeller motor to irrigate all the farm.



* Tractor john deere, 2135

* Trailer of 5000kg .

* Cultivator with eleven arms, two of them hidraulic.

* Pruning equipment with compresor and scissors.

* A tank of one tohousand liters with pumps and pistol to sulphate.

* Hidraulic frontal equipment to sulphate two threads at a time .

* Freight conveyor to attach to tractor of 2 x 1 m.

* Two points of light.

* All terrain isuzu.




Note: This property has all legalized,abundant water and two points of lights, all in full operation and perfect conditions .


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 The farm incorporates seven shares of the well of the irrigators community house the mills and house chaparrota (the well is composed of 150 shares)
 The farm incorporates seven shares of the well of the irrigators community house the mills and house chaparrota (the well is composed of 150 shares)

- Wine crops of the best quality cencibel tempranillo, cabernet, syray. With possibility of making wine cellar.

Cultivator brand of eleven arms two of them hydraulic

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